The author of this volume, Rev. George P. Pardington, Ph.D., one of the most gifted and devoted of men, allowed his life to fall into the ground and die that it might bring forth much fruit. After a marvelous experience of healing which released him from years of helpless suffering he secured the most thorough training which America could offer and then gladly spent himself in humble sacrificial service as a teacher of Christian workers and missionaries. His best years were consecrated to the ministry of the Word in the classrooms of the Missionary Training Institute at Nyack.

To him fell the heavy duty of carrying the main courses and supplying the unbroken stream of inspiration which held restless young people to the necessary training process. In the last year of his life he became Dean of the institution which he had served so long. His hidden powers of administration were then brought to light, and the school began its later and larger ministry under his leadership. Dr. Pardington not only lived what is taught in this volume but was enabled to bring hundreds of others into the same practical experience.

In the thorough study of the classroom the Scriptural foundations of his teaching were minutely examined. His disciples, who went forth into Christian service both at home and abroad, tested the reality of the things taught under every conceivable circumstance.

"The Crisis of the Deeper Life" was prepared at the request of Dr. Simpson for the purpose of expressing the message of the Christian and Missionary Alliance on the subject of Sanctification. It so thoroughly summarized the teaching of the founder of the movement, and was found by Alliance people to be such a satisfactory exposition of this important doctrine that it was officially approved by the Annual Council of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Dr. Pardington had the gift of lucid, attractive presentation of truth. His thorough training and long experience enabled him to see the many sides to any doctrine. Because of his gentle spirit and fervent love for all fellow Christians he was peculiarly fitted to deal with a subject which is too often a matter for controversy.

Christians of every connection and degree of experience will find this work to be stimulating to both mind and spirit. Those who know the reality of the crisis it describes will be helped to a better understanding of their own inward life and to greater usefulness in leading others into the fulness of God. Hungry hearts that yearn for the secret of victory in Christ will here find God's way set forth in simple Scriptural terms. It is in keeping with Dr. Pardington's generous nature to have the fruit of his labor go forth in such a popular, available form to a multitude of readers.