Readings in Alliance History and Thought

Table of Contents


Kenneth L. Draper, Living Tradition

Part 1 Alliance History

1. Simpson: His Life

1.1 Emma Beere, Simpson Anecdotes
1.2 A.B. Simpson, My Own Story
1.3 A.B. Simpson Chronology

2. Simpson: Spiritual Crises

2.1 A.B. Simpson, A Solemn Covenant
2.2 A.B. Simpson, Personal Testimony - Sanctification

2.3 A.B. Simpson, A Larger Christian Life
2.4 A.B. Simpson, The Gospel of Healing
2.5 A.B. Simpson, Baptism and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

3. Simpson's Hymns and Alliance Hymnody

3.1 Gene Rivard, Rediscovering the Music of A.B. Simpson

4. The Founding of the Alliance

4.1 A.B. Simpson, Story of Providence
4.2 Constitution of Christian Alliance, 1887
4.3 Constitution of Evangelical Missionary Alliance, 1887

5. The Work of the Early Alliance

5.1 Excerpts from The Story of the Christian and Missionary Alliance
5.2 John Dahms, The Social Interest and Concern of A.B. Simpson
5.3 Leslie Andrews, A.B. Simpson's Understanding of the Role of Women in Ministry

6. The Alliance After Simpson

6.1 General Constitution and Principles, 1912
6.2 Paul Rader, Annual Report of the President, 1920
6.3 W.M. Turnbull and C.H. Chrisman, The Message of The Christian and Missionary         Alliance, 1927

7. Alliance Missions

7.1 A.B. Simpson, Aggressive Christianity
7.2 T.V. Thomas with Ken Draper, A.B. Simpson and World Evangelism
7.3 L.L. King, Indigenous Church Policy of the C&MA
7.4 David Moore, How the C&MA Relates to Overseas Churches

Part 2 Alliance Thought

8. The Fourfold Gospel

8.1 David Schroeder, The Centrality of Jesus Christ in the Fourfold Gospel

9. The Early Alliance View of Sanctification

9.1 A.B. Simpson, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: A Crisis or an Evolution?
9.2 George Pardington, The Crisis of the Deeper Life
9.3 A.B. Simpson, The Sanctifying Work of Christ
9.4 A.B. Simpson, How to Abide

10. Developments in the Alliance View of Sanctification

10.1 Charles Nienkirchen, 'Deep Calleth Unto Deep,' Stillness in Early Alliance Spirituality
10.2 Robert Willoughby, Pentecost: An Experience for Today
10.3 Gordon T. Smith, Conversion and Sanctification in the Christian and Missionary                 Alliance

11. Healing

11.1 A.B. Simpson, Divine Healing in the Atonement
11.2 A.B. Simpson, How to Receive Divine Healing
11.3 A.B. Simpson, Divine Healing and Medical Science
11.4 Excerpts from A Cloud of Witnesses Concerning Divine Healing

12. Developments in the Alliance View of Healing

12.1 Ken Badley, Healing: The Technical Thesis
12.2 Keith Bailey, New Significance for the Doctrine of Healing in the Atonement
12.3 Andy Reimer, Healing: Biblical Basis and Prodedure

13. The Coming King

13.1 A.B. Simpson, Practical Influence of the Blessed Hope
13.2 A.B. Simpson, The Lord's Coming and Mission

14. Developments in Alliance Eschatology

14.1 Franklin Pyles, The Missionary Eschatology of A.B. Simpson
14.2 Michael Tymchak, Ethics and the Coming King
14.3 A.B. Simpson, Publisher's Foreword to Revelation, The Christ in the Bible                         Commentary Series

15. Toward a Doctrinal Statement

15.1 Scott Russell Borderud, Creeds and the Statement of Faith
15.2 Conference for Prayer and Counsel, 1906
15.3 Doctrinal Statement for Alliance Bible Schools, 1928
15.4 Statement of Faith, 1965

16. Continuity and Change, Charting the Future

16.1 L.L. King, We are Specialists

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